GRS Accounting Solutions

GRS Accounting Solutions

Let me take care of your bookkeeping. At GRS Accounting Services, I work with you to best fit your needs. I provide general bookkeeping, including payroll, quarterly tax filings, review of financial statements, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. I can help with all of these services or just the ones you want.

Preparation of Federal and State Taxes.

At GRS Accounting Solutions, I go the extra mile when it comes to researching tax accounting and changes in the law. For me, it’s not just about keeping the books. I’m focused on relationships and helping busy people like you. Expert research on my part means you get the results you want for your small corporation returns, personal returns, or both.

Services offered:

  • Professional Services: Tax Accounting
  • Professional Services: Tax Preparation
  • Professional Services: Tax Services
  • Business Services and Supplies: Tax Preparation Service
  • Professional Services: Accountants -