Band Saw Blade Quick silver

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Band Saw Blade Quick silver
  • Band Saw Blade Quick silver
  • Band Saw Blade Quick silver
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QTY: 10 ea - $25.00/Blade (2/pack)
Carbon Steel Blade, High Carbon Steel Teeth, 7' 9-1/2" Blade Length, 4 Teeth per Inch, Welded Band Saw Blade
1/2" Wide x 0.025" Thick, Toothed Edge, Contour Cutting

Features and Benefits
Carbon steel is a soft, durable metal. It is commonly used on abrasive materials, nonferrous metals, plastics and wood.
The cutting surface of a toothed edge is composed of a row of pointed teeth. Common tooth variations include the number of teeth per inch and pitch pattern. They are used on ferrous and nonferrous materials.

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