Concentrated Detergent 50 Gal

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Concentrated Detergent 50 Gal
  • Concentrated Detergent 50 Gal
  • Concentrated Detergent 50 Gal
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Super Wex-Cel Concentrated Germicidal Soap Detergent

Cleans - Disinfects - Deodorizes

New Unused Old Stock
Repacked in New 55 Gallon Steel Plastic Lined Drum

Super Wex-Cel is a powerful one-step synthetic germicidal cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer for decontamination of hard non-porous surfaces that have the potential to be contaminated by any potentially infectious material. This product contains biodegradable detergents, is phosphate-free and works very well for one-step cleaning and disinfection.

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