Anderol ROYCO 602 Royal Lubricants Mil-PRF-87252C Coolant Fluid - 6 Gallons

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Anderol ROYCO 602 Royal Lubricants Mil-PRF-87252C Coolant Fluid - 6 Gallons
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Six - 1 Gallon Cans Anderol Specialty Lubricants ROYCO® 602 formerly Royal Lubricants MIL-PRF-87252C Dielectric Coolant Fluid


ROYCO® 602 MIL-PRF-87252C
NATO Code S-1748
QUAL H-6032
National Stock # 9150-01-336-7174

New / Unused Old Stock Mfg. Date February 2002
Cans are in Excellent Condition
May have Minor dents and or Minor Surface Rust

Description from Manufacturer

ROYCO® 602 is a synthetic based dielectric coolant consisting of a hydrolytically stable synthetic hydrocarbon known as polyalphaolefin (PAO) and modern additives. Offers exceptional performance over a temperature range of -54 to 200°C. It does not react with water, resulting in cleaner operating systems and longer component life.


ROYCO® 602 is recommended for use as a dielectric cooling fluid for aircraft avionics systems, high-powered transmitter equipment and power supplies, radar, navigation and other electronic systems. May also be considered for use in electronics cooling systems such as circulating computer coolant systems. Benefits include lower initial cost, longer fluid life, lower weight, and lower toxicity when compared to other types of avionic coolants. Since ROYCO® 602 does not react with water, no specialized reclamation equipment is required and there may be less environmental impact potential in the event of a spill.

Elastomer Compatibility

Recommended (< 5% swell) Marginal (< 15% swell) Not Recommended (> 15%)

Nitrile (N 497-70) Nitrile (N 674-70) Ethylene Propylene
Fluorosilicone Buna N
Fluorocarbon (PTFE, Viton) SBR
Polyacrylate Polychloroprene


ROYCO® 602 is qualified to MIL-PRF-87252C(1) , NATO Code S-1748


The synthetic based oils used in this product may soften certain paints and elastomers. Do not use with neoprene or natural rubber elastomers. Components should be evaluated for compatibility if there is any question.

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