Knowledge Advisory Group

Knowledge Advisory Group

Data geeks with people skills
After working with a variety of sectors, Trina Willard recognized the critical need for meaningful data throughout Greater Richmond and the entire U.S., but particularly in the nonprofit community. In 2010, she founded Knowledge Advisory Group to help nonprofits, government agencies and small businesses maximize their resources, optimize their services and improve their customer satisfaction.

At Knowledge Advisory Group, a Virginia-certified, woman-owned small business, we’ve been called “data geeks with people skills.” That’s because we’re good at rolling up our sleeves and digging elbow-deep into data, but we’re just as good at relating to our clients and making data accessible for them. With more than 50 years of collective experience as program and system evaluators, project managers and management consultants, our team has learned to make the seemingly “impossible” data process practical and possible for organizations and businesses like yours.

While you remain focused on serving your customers or the community, let Knowledge Advisory Group put the power of data within your reach.

Services offered:

  • Business Services and Supplies: Business Consultant
  • Misc: Non Profit