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Having seen a wide variety of patients, I have treated most types of disorders including: musculoskeletal disorders, nerve issues, organ and gland dysfunction, skin issues and immune dysfunction. Being exposed to all of these diverse issues, often in the same patient, I began to see deeper connections between seemingly unrelated problems. As I dove deeper, I realized that in more complex cases, whether muscle and joint issues or fatigue or some other symptom, there was something that was under the surface of these problems. What I found in these cases was that there was one or more of the following issues: chronic low-level infection; congested or swollen lymphatic tissue; severely weakened immune function; hidden pathogens (e.g. Lyme Disease) and/or multiple sensitivities/allergies. I also discovered that each patient is truly unique in the presentation of their symptoms – regardless of the diagnosis. Therefore, each patient must be treated uniquely.

Acupuncture is just a small part of what we do. Our skilled and experienced Licensed Acupuncturist specializes in the following services:

-Laser Acupuncture (a pain-free
acupuncture/homeopathy hybrid treatment)
-Traditional acupuncture
-Chinese herbal medicine
-Western herbal medicine
-Tui Na (Chinese manipulative therapy)
-Dietary recommendations

Services offered:

  • Health and Wellness: Acupuncture
  • Health and Wellness: Alternative Medicine