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The Well Personal Fitness

Just want to know what to do, and you’ll do it? We create complete workout plans, offer nutritional coaching, and other habit coaching (sleep habits, stress management, etc), to help you to meet the health, fitness and wellness goals that you desire to accomplish.

We will make a fully customized plan for you to follow on my app to take you from where you are today to where you want to go with your health, fitness, and wellness!

Each individual has their own unique set of life variables and goals that we work together to achieve. We do have a curriculum to take each person through, though we are constantly adjusting to surmount each individual’s challenges along the way. We thoroughly enjoy this process of getting to know each person individually and intricately, so as to understand, in their shoes, what they are facing, and to see the opportunity of how to overcome challenges and road blocks along the way.

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Initial session is $95, and the program and plan is $95/month and includes a 30-minute catch up session via phone or video chat, as well as full exercise programming, nutritional coaching, and other habit coaching (sleep, stress management, etc).

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Services offered:

  • Health and Wellness: Alternative Health
  • Health and Wellness: Health Services
  • Health and Wellness: Fitness
  • Health and Wellness: Personal Fitness
  • Health and Wellness: Health & Fitness Training
  • Health and Wellness: Exercise