Aamerican College of Karate

Aamerican College of Karate

3 months of classes = $375 (includes registration)
6 months of classes = $650 (includes registration)

12 months of classes = $1200 (includes registration)
Ages 8 and under - classes are on M W Sat
Ages 9 and up - classes are on M T W T Sat


3 Full Spots 100% Trade - $140 registration fee, uniform, school t-shirt, and some field trips
Henrico County School Schedule
11 weeks, right until labor day
June 17th - August 30th
7:30am - 6:00pm
$160 week

Mondays - Class in AM, pool from 11-2:30/3, then afternoon class
Tuesday - Class in AM, roller skating or bowling
Wednesday - Dollar movies in AM, pool, no class
Thursday - Same as Monday
Friday - Master Ricks Crazy Day, 11 acres 2 ponds, beaches

Ages: 5-12

Pick up/Drop off: 11250 Patterson Avenue

Services offered:

  • Personal Services and Grooming: Karate School
  • Personal Services and Grooming: Education
  • Education: Tutoring
  • Personal Services and Grooming: Martial Arts Studio's
  • Sports and Recreation: Martial Arts
  • Personal Services and Grooming: Schools
  • General Merchandise for Sale: Gift Certificates