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The Flying Locksmiths
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  • The Flying Locksmiths
  • The Flying Locksmiths
  • The Flying Locksmiths
  • The Flying Locksmiths
  • The Flying Locksmiths

TFL will barter repairing and maintaining your doors, door hardware, security camera systems, access control systems, and intercom systems.

We will also barter the design and installation of a master key system to help you restrict access where needed including high security Medeco keys or basic rekeying of your facilities.

Call us if you...
*Have former employees who still have your keys.

*Want a key unique to your business that cannot be duplicated, is controlled by TFL and is close to drill proof, pick proof and kick proof.

*You have an ADA opener with a push button that isn't working.

*A door that isn't functioning properly. That could mean not closing correctly, rubbing or difficult to open or close. Your door closer is leaking oil or doesn't stop the door from slamming. It's difficult to get your keys in and out of the cylinders. You need a deadbolt installed. Your exit bar isn't working. Any maintenance that's needed on a door, we want to help you.

* You want to speak about increasing your security and protecting your assets, employees and customers. We will barter a detailed Security Assessment of your property and facilities.

We do offer after hour & emergency service.

If you want an Access Control System, Surveillance Camera System, Intercom System replaced or installed please call us to set up a meeting for a site visit and to discuss the scope of work.

TFL can also replace and install hollow metal doors/frames, aluminum storefront doors, impact doors, install ADA compliant automatic doors and automatic sliding doors. We have AAADM Certified Technicians who are authorized to inspect, certify and work on these types of doors.

This type of work would need to be negotiated on a case by case basis and may require cash/financing for the parts or equipment. We offer traditional leases and a lease with built-in technology obsolescence protection that can include maintenance, service and SAS (software as a service) fees for the equipment

Services: all of the 757

Services offered:

  • Security: Security Cameras
  • Construction, Building Services and Supplies: Intercom System Installation
  • Business Services and Supplies: Business Services
  • Business Services and Supplies: Business Products and Services
  • Home and Outdoors: Locksmith