Tribolube-16 Space Age Synthetic Lubricant MIL-G27617D 8-oz. Tube

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Tribolube-16 Space Age Synthetic Lubricant MIL-G27617D 8-oz. Tube
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Aerospace Lubricants Tribolube-16 Space Age Synthetic Grease Lubricant

8 oz. Tube

Synthetic Multipurpose Grease for Harsh Environments

NSN 9150-00-961-8995

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Description from Manufacturer


Manufacturer – Aerospace Lubricants, Inc.
Product – Tribolube-16

Item # PC16-9558
NSN 9150-00-961-8995
8-oz. Tube
Uses – Multipurpose Synthetic Grease

Service Characteristics are

*Corrosion Resistant *Fuel Resistant *Water Resistant

450.0 Degree Fahrenheit Minimum Dropping Point -30.0 to 4000.0 Deg. F. Effective Temp. Range Rating

White, Odorless


Tribolube-16 Grease – suitable in applications including small and large diameter ball, roller, needle, and plain bearings, electrical contacts, threads, valves, gears, contacts, splines, ball screws, and screw actuators. It is compatible with most elastomers and plastic seals, gaskets and O-rings.
Tribolube-16 is a wide temperature range grease - especially useful in vacuum and other systems where non- reactivity with chemicals, strong acids and oxidizers, fuels, and solvents is required. Although this lubricant is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the greases under certain conditions.


Performance - Synthetic oil and grease lubricants have replaced petroleum lubricants in applications that exceed their environmental, operational, or service life limitations by reducing component failure, repair costs, warranty costs, down time, and increased service life.
Wide Range Operating Conditions – the demand for lubricant stability over increasingly wider ranges of operating conditions exceeding the capability of petroleum lubricants is making synthetics mandatory in many OEM applications.

Wide Range of Operating Temperature - synthetic lubricants have a much wider operating temperature range and are more thermally and oxidatively stable than lubricants made from petroleum-based fluids.
Low/High Temperature Performance - at very low temperatures, synthetic lubricants have good low temperature viscosity and fluidity characteristics down to as low as - 140oF, and are still capable of operating at temperatures as high as 600oF without melting compared to petroleum based lubricants upper temperature limit of 250oF. Thermal/Oxidative Stability – the thermal and oxidative stability of synthetics often makes them the only alternative for very cold, extremely hot, sealed for life applications, or harsh operating environments. Compared to petroleum-based lubricants subject to strong oxidizing chemicals deteriorate and breakdown easily, especially at high temperatures.

Eliminate Dirt, Dust and Contaminants – synthetic man-made lubricants do not attract dust, dirt or contaminants like petroleum-based lubricants. Thus eliminating dust particles that can be abrasive and damage parts and machinery causing machine down time for cleaning and re-lubrication. Wear of moving parts can thus be reduced in dusty environments.

Load and Wear Performance – synthetic lubricants provide increased wear protection over petroleum-based lubricants due to better viscosity-temperature properties.
Cost Savings – reduced maintenance costs for manpower and replacement parts, and reduced downtime with associated production loss, make synthetic lubricants cost effective in most applications.


Tribolube Synthetic Lubricating Greases are specially formulated to function in applications or environmental conditions where standard "general purpose" lubricants will not perform or will perform only marginally. Outperform conventional lubricants under conditions such as hard vacuums, low and high operating temperatures, oxidizing environments, high rotating speeds, extremely high load conditions, applications where little wear can be tolerated, high radiation levels, rotating speeds, extremely high load conditions, applications where little wear can be tolerated, high radiation levels, extremely corrosive environments, and where long life is mandated.

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