ASCO 800 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

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ASCO 800 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • ASCO 800 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • ASCO 800 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
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ASCO Power Technologies 7000 Series ATS 800 AMPS
H-Design Open Automatic Transfer Switch
480 VAC 3 Pole 4 Wire (WYE)
with Overlapping Neutral - NO Enclosure

Model # H07ATSC30800N5X0
Serial # 320183 RE

New / Unused - Old Stock
Excellent Condition
Designed & Manufactured in USA / Assembled in Mexico
Quoted Over $12K Replacement Cost

Specifications Manufacturer ASCO Power Technologies
Series 7000 ATS
Cat # H07ATSC30800N5X0
Serial # 320183 RE
800 Amps
480 Volts AC 50 - 60 Hz
3 Poles, 4 Wire (WYE) with Overlapping Neutral
Open Design Enclosure & Mounting Bolts Not Included
PDF Manuals to be emailed

ASCO Power Transfer Switches are the standard of the industry. High speed transfer of loads between alternate sources of power, regardless of ampacity size, is achieved by a reliable, field proven solenoid operating mechanism. When combined with a programmable microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display, they offer the most advanced method of transferring all types of loads, such as motors, electronic drives, UPS's and microprocessor based systems. 7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switches are available open or enclosed, in ampacity sizes from 30 through 4000 Amperes with the largest selection of optional accessories offered anywhere. All switching configurations are available with an integrally mounted bypass-isolation switch and/or rated for use in service entrance applications.

7000 SERIES Power Transfer Switches Product Features
Conventional two-position transfer configuration, plus closed and delayed transition modes of operation. All configurations available with either automatic or non-automatic control.
UL listed to 1008 Transfer Switch Equipment & CSA certified to CSA 22.2 No.178-1978 Automatic Transfer Switches.
Qualified and certified to IEC 60947-6-1, CE marked (optional). (Limited to certain accessories.)
Rated up to 600 VAC, 30 through 4000 Amperes.
Reliable and field proven solenoid operating mechanism.
High withstand and close-on ratings including short time withstand current rating for optimum flexibility in circuit breaker coordination (600-4000 Amperes).
Solid, switched, or overlapping neutral conductor options.
Front replaceable main and arcing contacts
Programmable microprocessor controller with keypad and LCD display.
Centrally located terminal block for customer control connections (260-4000 Amperes).
16mm, industrial grade control switches and indicating lights.
Switch position LED indicators and source acceptability lights.
Standard ground conductor connections.
Four auxiliary contacts, two contacts closed when switch is in normal position and two contacts closed when switch is in emergency position.
Local/remote communications capability for interfacing with ASCO POWERQUEST® communication products.
7000 SERIES Microprocessor Based Controller

The 7000 SERIES Microprocessor Based Controller is used with all sizes of Power Transfer Switches from 30 through 4000 Amperes. It represents the most advanced digital controller in the industry and includes, as standard, all of the voltage, frequency, control, timing and diagnostic functions required for most emergency and standby power applications. Because of severe voltage transients frequently encountered with industrial distribution systems, the microprocessor logic board is separated and isolated from the power board as shown below. This improves electrical noise immunity performance and helps assure compliance with the rigorous transient suppression standards.

7000 SERIES Microprocessor Based Controller Features
Digital microprocessor.
Touch pad programming of features and settings without the need for meters, or variable power supplies.
Sixteen (16) selectable operating voltages available in a single Controller.
Onboard diagnostics provide control panel and ATS status information to analyze system performance.
Displays and counts down active timing functions.
Selectable multi-language display (English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. For others contact ASCO).
Password protection to prevent unauthorized tampering of settings.
Remote monitoring and control with ASCO POWERQUEST® communications products. Specify optional accessory 72A or 72E.
Load shed option for bus optimization applications. Specify optional accessory 30B.
Historical event log
Statistical ATS systems monitoring information

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