9pm VIP Balcony Ticket

9pm VIP Balcony Ticket
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VIP Balcony Ticket for 9pm


You want to spend Friday the 13th of March at The Hypnosis is Amazing Show because you've decided you want way more than just another Friday night Richmond.

This is a show that is:

Highly professional
High energy
A memorable and unique experience for the audience
Is a modern, innovative take on stage hypnosis. This is not your daddy’s “bark like a chicken” hypnosis show
Hypnosis IS Amazing!

What we now call hypnosis was first done over 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt.

Since then, people have continued to be fascinated, curious and intrigued by hypnosis. In fact, that's probably why you're reading this right now.

Colin Chapman is someone who really understands that hypnosis is amazing. He understands because he's been hypnotizing people for nearly a decade. He's seen hypnosis change the lives of others and his own.

Come to the show and you'll get to laugh and maybe even change your mind about the power of your mind.

Want to Find Out More?

Just go to http://www.hypnosisisamazing.com and you can find out more and watch the show trailer there.

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