NEW Jazz Girl Signed Book

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NEW Jazz Girl Signed Book
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Brand new and signed by the author, Sarah Bruce Kelly, with 2 available, this book is a perfect book the music lover. Shipping $5.00 per item.
Jazz Girl 13 year old Mary was marked from birth by the “sign of the caul,” a powerful signifier in African-American culture. The caul indicates rare powers, especially a tendency toward “second sight.” Mary’s special gift of seeing manifests itself in visions of ghosts and spirits and culminates in an uncanny musical ability.
5 out of 5 star on Amazon!
$15.99 Trade, 2 copies in stock. Shipping $5.00 per item due in cash prior to shipping.
Right here in Tidewater! Sarah Bruce Kelly, Catholic School teacher who specializes in Fine Arts and Classical Studies, and is an Instructor at Coastal Carolina University.

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