Personal Resiliency Course

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Personal Resiliency Course
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This program is perfect for Direct Sales & Multilevel Marketing Professionals, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Solopreneurs, Stay-at-Home/Work-From-Home Parents, Retirees and anyone who is ready to live the life of their dreams!

How would it feel to have your best year ever?
What would change if you decided to be all that you can be?
What are you waiting for? Join the community today!

Typical Hurdles this program helps you conquer include:
 Fear
 Time
 Money
 Education
 Limiting Beliefs
 Self Esteem
 Indifference
 Past Failures
 Poor Health
 Procrastination
 Confusion
 Age
 Discouragement
 Lame Excuses

Total investment for enrollment $247

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